Should You Workout Before and After Getting Vaccinated?

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We are finally at a point where anyone above 18 is eligible to get vaccinated. While it’s clear that vaccines offer solid protection against Covid-19, one still carries certain doubts. Presently most of these queries are associated with your lifestyle. Which is the kind of food you should eat or your exercise routine. In my previous blog, I have covered the type of foods you should consume during vaccination and today I am going to address the other important question. Is it safe to exercise before and after getting vaccinated? While there is no definitive answer, there are a few recommendations, so let’s find out.

Moderate workout before the vaccine is alright: Generally, exercise has a positive effect on your immune system. So by that logic, it can be considered that exercising before getting inoculated wouldn’t be any source of trouble. Some studies have revealed that working out before any vaccine can prompt improved immune function. Although there is no specific data for the Covid-19 vaccine. That being said, while you do exercise before taking a vaccine you should watch your intensity. Please be mindful of your limits so that you steer clear of any injury

It may be advisable to not work out (for 1-2 days) after getting vaccinated: After getting the jab a lot of people experience some common side effects such as fatigue, fever, swelling, muscle ache etc. These signs are evidence that the vaccine is developing immunity against the virus. Now, the side effects vary from individual to individual. While some might not be subjected to any effect at all and some may be stuck in bed. At this time, you must listen to your body and do as it commands. You can stay free from working out for 1-2 days and if your body demands more time to recover, it is better not to workout until you regain strength to prevent the risk of injury.

Keep the aforementioned pointers in mind and go book your slot soon. Let’s all equip ourselves with the vaccine to break free from the clutches of Covid-19.


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