Signs of Lactose Intolerance

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Lactose intolerance is quite the talk of the town. It is indeed prevalent in today’s day and age. If you are one of those wondering how to find out if you are lactose intolerant, this blog is just for you. Below are 3 common signs of lactose intolerance. Read on to find out!

Bloating: Lactose intolerance will make you feel bloated when you consume dairy. This bloating can be found everywhere in your body including your stomach.

Diarrhoea: Loose motions or similar discomforts are also an indication of intolerance. Check how well your digestive system does when it consumes dairy.

Pimples: Pimple breakouts are another sign of lactose intolerance. So if you wonder why do I have so many pimples? Maybe it’s time to check your dairy consumption.

Those are 3 signs that will help you identify lactose intolerance. Do watch out.

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