Some Uncommon PCOS Symptoms and How You Can Overcome Them

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PCOS, also known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, is a hormonal imbalance that affects women throughout their reproductive years. There are some uncommon PCOS symptoms. They are as follows:

Mood Swings: A mood swing is an abrupt or significant change in an emotional state.

Brain Fog: Chaos, loss of memory, lack of concentration and mental clarity are all symptoms of brain fog. Overwork, lack of sleep, and stress can all contribute to this.

Anxiety and Depression: Anxiety and depression disorders are the most widespread mental illnesses in the world. Depression makes a person feel discouraged, sad, unmotivated, or uninterested in life.

These are some of the uncommon PCOS symptoms. But now, you don’t need to worry about it because I have a solution for this. Follow the steps below to manage these symptoms. 

  1. Regular Yoga and Meditation
  2. Eating healthy: Eating good nutritional food will help keep many diseases at bay. Yes, food can impact mood and hormones. 
  3. Walking outdoors: Our body needs fresh air to breathe and feel refreshed. 
  4. Listening to calm music and meditation apps: Good music soothes the mind. You can also listen to meditative content that helps clear your headspace. 
  5. Sleeping before 10 pm: Sleeping is very important for hormonal balance. Every day you need complete at least 8 hours of sleep. 

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