Sunday Should be Rest Day or Workout day?

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Today I am going to answer a common question. Should Sunday be a workout day or a rest day? To be honest there is no definitive answer here. You can pick either side. But what is non-negotiable is that your exercise routine should have one rest day, come what may. Regardless of whichever day you choose, a rest day is important for your body to recover from the stress.

Any one day of the week can be your rest day: It is of utmost importance that you strike a balance between working out and giving your body adequate time to recover. Rest days allow the cells of the body to recover from the microscopic tears caused by exercise. Further, your body holds carbohydrates in the form of glycogen. While exercising these glycogen reserves are used as fuel. Rest days help your body restore its glycogen so you are set for your next workout. Rest days are also important to avoid injury or fatigue as your body requires adequate rest to function well.

You are free to block any day as your rest day. That being said there are some benefits of choosing Sunday to workout.

Benefits of working out on a Sunday: This is the one day of the week when the gyms are comparatively emptier. Another plus is the free time you have on a Sunday. Unlike other workdays, Sunday allows you to wake up leisurely and do things as per your will. You can make the most of this free time and channelize it into your workout.

It is vital that you follow an exercise routine that can be sustained. So schedule your workouts at your convenience. Just make sure you get enough exercise, nutrition and rest to yield the right results.


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