Targeting Fat Loss in Specific Body Areas – Fact or Myth

Hello FitFam,

Hope you are keeping well.

A common query of many clients is – Can I target a specific area of my body and lose fat? The answer is no. Targeting specific areas in the body is a myth. And hence you need to be wary of the information you read online. Verify the sources and only believe something after enough research from credible sources. Now while this is true, I want to tell you that I do know how targeting belly fat is possible.

When you are on a healthy diet and exercise regularly, your metabolism is spiked. This helps reduce the fat all over your body. Another benefit of being on a healthy diet is having improved gut health, digestive system and less bloating. This helps reduce belly fat. And that is how so many people post pictures with reduced belly fat. So do I. My feed also consists of pictures of my clients with reduced fat.

That being said, we certainly know that targeting a specific area is not possible. So focus on eating healthy, exercising regularly and taking good care of your body.


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