The Worst PCOS Advice I Ever Got

Hello FitFam,

Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali.

Today I’m going to let you in on my struggle with PCOS and the kind of advice I received. Those of you who know my history are familiar with the fact that I was obese. At that time, I also struggled with PCOS and just like many females I consulted tons of doctors to get rid of it. Many think that PCOS only causes weight gain or irregular periods. Sadly, that isn’t the truth. PCOS has a stronger impact on your overall health. It disrupts your hormonal balance, energy level, makes you irritable and negatively affects your overall emotional and mental health.

So while I struggled with PCOS and through my visits to doctors, I received some ill advice.

90% of the doctors I consulted advised me to get on a birth control pill and consult them again when I want to get pregnant. Which is one of the worst pieces of advice I have heard.

The second common advice was to lose weight. This again wasn’t helpful because in many cases weight gain isn’t the problem. Although, your symptoms of PCOS can improve if you are obese and lose a few pounds.

Those were two of the common pieces of advice I heard on my journey. And they certainly didn’t help me improve my condition.


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