To protein or not to protein.


Hi, FitFam! Hope you’re doing well. This blog is going to be about a product which I came across quite recently. It called Venky’s Albumen Plus protein.

So many of my clients ask me which protein to buy and which is the most natural one. I would definitely suggest this for people who are on a low carb, LCHF, PALEO OR KETO diet. Also, for people who are lactose intolerant.


  Just before the lockdown started, I was out of protein. I thought of ordering some online when I came across this product. Thankfully it reached me before the lockdown started. 

It has almost been more than a fortnight that I am using this egg-based ALBUMEN protein powder from Venky’s. The best part about it is the taste and performance. I ordered vanilla flavor since I was too bored of trying chocolate proteins. Most whey proteins in vanilla flavor are very bad tasting. I took a chance with this one and surprisingly this tastes amazing. Almost like vanilla ice cream I must say. 

Let’s dive into the details. A serving (31 g) of this product provides you with 99.51 calories and 23.25 g of protein. This I must say quite impressive. A single serving has less than 1g of carbohydrate (the enemy for all keto, paleo, lchf doers) and zero sugar. It is loaded with micronutrients like Vit C, E and B, mainly made up of albumen and contains soy. 


Albumen is the white part of the egg which is very high in protein. The yellow on the other hand is high in fats and cholestrol. It is a complete protein, meaning it contains all nine essential amino acids which our bodies need to function optimally. Egg whites also are a good source of high-quality and low-fat protein for those who are aiming to limit their calorie intake for the managing their weight or to meet other dietary needs. It’s a high quality protein that helps build muscle mass and allows people to feel full for longer and stay energized. This in turn can help them to maintain a healthy weight.


This protein was really was light on my tummy as it does not contain lactose. It made me feel energetic and strong as compared to regular whey protein. I can definitely see improvement in my muscle mass, endurance and strength. As I’ve mentioned above it is lactose free, it good for people who are lactose intolerant (I am not). Overall, I would continue using this as I have really liked this protein in terms of taste, performance and benefits. I must say it is a very good initiative by Venky’s. 

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