Top 3 Reasons You are Not Losing Weight 

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Weight loss isn’t linear. This statement is a fact, and you need to make peace with it. It is important to love your body and give enough time to manifest the desired results. Keeping moving at your own pace, and the results will follow. Now through your journey, it’s vital to look into it to understand what might be hindering or decelerating your progress. If you’ve been trying to figure the drawbacks of your journey, this blog can give you some perspective. Below are the top 3 reasons, you are maybe unable to lose that weight. Read on to know more. 

Stress: A culprit of the 21st Century. Stress can hamper weight loss. It is directly related to fat storage. Studies have also shown that you may burn fewer calories if you are stressed. So if you have a stressful job, relationship or anything that worries you. It can be acting as a deterrent to your weight loss journey. 

Hormones: An aspect that often goes neglected in our weight loss journey is hormones. It can hence be said that the role of hormones is underrated. Hormonal imbalances can make you hold onto weight! A healthy diet can help you overcome this.

Insulin Resistance: An impaired response to the hormone insulin is termed insulin resistance. This leads to a rise in blood sugar levels. It is also one of the reasons you might be holding onto fat. Although, this is curable. You need to consult a credible dietician for adequate nutrition to help you power through your weight loss journey. 

Those were the three reasons that can hinder your weight loss. Look at your journey and figure what is acting as a deterrent. You are not alone. Give yourself time and consult a nutritionist to take the right measures. 



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