A fitness program by Nupuur Patil”. 


Here is a specially curated transformational program that leads to effective fitness results. For those who believe in setting healthy timelines, here is your way to achieving that dream body.

My Story

From a commercial pilot to a fitness coach, I Nupuur Patil worked my way through my journey to discover my true self and passion. My love for fitness led me to be a certified sports nutritionist by the Olympics committee and a fitness coach with a degree in biotechnology and masters in nutrition. With multiple specialized degrees, I aim to help individuals inculcate good eating habits to ensure a healthy way of life.


The Key to a Healthy Life is in Your Hands:

Following the right course of actions leads to definite results. This online program will give you what it states. It consists of –


1. Personalised diet plans which include home-cooked balanced meals (Veg/Non-Veg/Egg)
2. A new plan every two/three weeks (Depending on progress)
3. Supplement guide (Optional)
4. Nutritional guide
5. Weekly progress tracking
6. Personal guidance
7. Timely updates
8. Whatsapp support
9. Workout guide/suggestions (Gym not required)


This is what you can expect *(Subject to following the plan)

1. 800 gms to 1 kg weight loss/gain per week (based on your goal)
2. Muscle growth
3. Fat loss
4. Improved energy and strength
5. Inch loss

What do you pay?

3 months plan ₹14999/-
6 months plan ₹27999/-


For all my accolades I have made it to the following publications

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Whatever your goals are this transformational journey is your way to it. Following each of the steps as notified will certainly give you the desired results. In case no, I am happy to give you a refund.