Weight Loss Affects Mental Health More Than Physical Health

Hello FitFam,
Hope you all are keeping well.

Weight loss has two components. Fat loss and muscles loss. In order to reach a healthy weight, you need to have an optimum fat-muscle mass ratio. In this blog, we are talking about fat loss because when you follow my plan you only lose fat and that is the right way to go. When you lose the excess body fat your mental health elevates. You will begin to notice changes in the way you feel think etc all positively affecting the mind.

There are many reasons why this happens. Firstly you eat healthily and on time regularly (as per your schedule). We also recommend you to get some exercise (yoga, walk etc) whatever you like. This helps release endorphins that have a positive impact on your mood.

Fat loss also makes you feel more energetic so that puts you in a better mood. Eating healthy and exercising help you become more conscious, mindful and aware. So you feel good and live better. In this process, you also become conscious of what a healthy diet, lifestyle and body should be like and you pursue that life. You are more focused on health and wellness than just weight loss. Yes, fat loss is a by-product of the diet we give you but the bigger scheme of things is happiness and health. Hence when you lose fat your mental health is affected positively.

This is also what I experienced personally. When I was overweight I battled depression. After losing 30 kgs today I feel confident, happy and comfortable with who I am. This isn’t just about weight loss but a lot more. You are way more motivated to live your goals. Personal and professional and moving towards your best life.

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