Weight Training for Women: A Complete Guide

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There are many women perplexed about the benefits of weight training. Some believe that lifting weights will make them resemble body-builders. As a matter of fact, this is a myth, women are built differently than men. The average testosterone levels of men are way higher than women and testosterone is the key hormone that builds muscle.

While that being said, weight training has many health benefits for women of all ages. Weight training can help lose weight since you will be burning off more calories. Apart from that, it also helps meet other goals such as body toning, muscle endurance, increases energy levels, and builds stronger bones. It will also help you unleash your athletic abilities such as power, speed, agility, and muscle mass gains.

To help y’all begin with weight training I have suggested some exercises below that are quite effective. Read on to know more about them and try them soon.

Squats: ​This exercise works your legs and glutes which is an important muscle group on the body. You squat every time you sit or stand, you certainly shouldn’t take this exercise for granted.

Deadlifts:​ This exercise resonates with lifting weights directly from the ground. These weights can be anything of your choice – dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, etc. It is excellent for building strength and boosting overall wellness.

Lat Pulldowns:​ The pulldown exercise aids the back muscles. You pull a suspended bar down towards you up to the chin level and then release it back up with control for one repetition. It is done as a part of an upper-body strength workout.

Crunches: ​Without any second thoughts, this is the choicest exercise to build a strong and ripped core. It is an isolation exercise that focuses on your abdominals and obliques in a controlled manner with moderate intensity. Not only will it help you get a toned torso but also strengthens your stabilizer muscles like spinal erector muscles.

Lunges: ​This is an effective exercise for strengthening​ ​the legs and glutes. It also helps you increase metabolism, lose weight, and tone muscles.

When you perform the above exercises do ensure you follow the right posture. You can refer to a trusted source online or consult your trainer. Once you start working out with weights, you are going to love going at it always. It is addictive and soon you will be beating men at arm-wrestling.

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