What is Clean Eating? Does it Only Include Boring Food?

Hello FitFam,
Hope you are healthy and well.

In today’s blog, I’m going to talk about eating clean and what does this term mean? Eating clean means eating highly nutritious food 75-80% of the time. And this does not mean eating boring food! I apply the 75-80% rule to myself and my clients but you don’t need to follow the same. It means eating healthy most of the time and to allow some cheat food. So when I have my periods or on any other day I crave, I give in and eat a chocolate or a brownie but I stick to the 75-80% rule.

To make sure I eat clean most of the time, I eat balanced meals. I also follow portion control. Portion control is quite a misunderstood term, so let me clear that out. Portion control means eating only how much is appropriate for you and it does not mean eating less. You also need to follow a healthy lifestyle. This does not mean you run on the treadmill for hours or eat only salads or starve yourself. This is not sustainable. A healthy lifestyle is sustainable both in terms of food and exercise. This includes eating healthy home-cooked meals (not fried puris) and exercising moderately.

That precisely explains eating clean. Following these tips can help you eat healthy 75-80% of the time but also indulge.

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