Why Short-Term Fad Diets are Bad for You?

Hello FitFam,

Hope you are keeping well. 

Today I’m going to bust some myths about Fad diets. Don’t they sound attractive? Yes, they do. Although they are not good for you. Here’s why you shouldn’t fall for Fad diets.

  1. Short-term Results: A fad diet will eventually fade away! It’s short-lived and won’t bring you any concrete results. 
  2. Serious Side Effects: Strict calorie restrictions can lead to nutrition deficiencies that may make you feel frail and develop chronic conditions that have an ill effect on your health. So stay away.
  3. The Weight Lost will be Re-gained: Yes, you read that right. Give it a while and the lost weight will come back. 

That’s about Fad diets. So what’s the best way to lose weight?

Following a sustainable diet. One that you can follow effortlessly without compromise. One that will give you long-term results. 


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