You’re not really healthy if these 3 things keep happening to you

Hello FitFam,

Hope you all are keeping well

We are all in the pursuit of good health. Although, what exactly defines healthy? Hitting the gym, having abs, building muscles does make up for fitness. But they aren’t enough. The term health is often misconstrued. Healthy is when the body and mind function in harmony. It is a lot more than what is visible to the naked eye. While an ideal BMI and muscle-fat ratio is good, they aren’t the sole health indicators. Today I am going to enlighten you with 3 factors you need to watch out for. If they are a part of your lifestyle, it means you are not totally healthy. Read on to know the indicators.

1. Falling Ill Often or Having a Recurring Cold: Falling ill often or having a persistent cold are signs of unhealthiness. This can be due to low immunity, low bone density or low strength in muscles (body strength) which results in you being susceptible to disease and easily falling ill.

2. Being Irritable: Do you feel irritable often? If you just yes, chances are you aren’t quite healthy. Irritability can be a product of unhealthy eating patterns, eating junk, or eating the wrong food at the wrong time. So watch out for your irritation, it’s more than just your mood.

3. Craving Junk Food: Isn’t this one a surprise? But it’s the truth. Often craving junk food, especially deep-fried food is a sign of deficiencies. Again this means, you are not quite healthy. Those were the 3 signs you should identify. If you find any of these signs in yourself, do comment below. Also, reach out to me if you need help with them.


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